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Hi! My name is Sergei (reads like «Sir G») and here is my story.

I was born in a provincial town back in the USSR and have been looking for any opportunity to touch the keyboard since I was 10 years old.

My passion for computers almost got me kicked out of school for truancy. As a result, this was the reason for the appearance of my first computer in the house. «As long as you don’t go wandering around,» my father had said.


In the middle of the «noughties» I graduated from the Department of computer science, Department of programming and information technology.

In those days, I disliked SEOs headed because of «satellites» and just made sites, along the way working in information security.

This allowed me to look at the Internet and web technologies in General from a different perspective.


In 2007, I wrote my first information security policy for a large enterprise.

I had to thoroughly understand SEO after dishonestly performed work by another SEOs headed on my client’s site. The site fell and it was necessary to reanimate it urgently…


Over the years, SEO has changed and SEOs headed have learned to write fairy tales, and I have learned to distinguish fairy tales from real ones. After more than 10 years of eliminating the consequences of the work of «specialists», I came to what I learned to do best — audit, repair and create websites. This often bears more fruit than a classic promotion.

That’s how I’ve been breathing it since the end of the previous Millennium…


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