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Powerful website audit*


* Error correction are included.

** The final price may differ depending on the type & amount of errors.

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What will the audit reveal?
  • technical problems that affect the quality of the site and the level of trust in it
  • structure and design problems that reduce the site's usability and behavioral factors
  • other problems that reduce search traffic and site conversion

The website specifics and structure, competition and demand, technical part and page optimization, security, and so on are analyzed.

Unlike a robot that churns out identical reports, I do a real manual audit.

My task is to give recommendations for 20% of the effort, which will give 80% of the result.

You will receive a detailed report with explanations in 2-3 days!

As well as correcting identified errors in 5-7 days!

When do you need an audit?

reasons to order a site audit

If the site has problems

Traffic dropped? The site is not visible in the search results? Competitors have higher positions? There is search traffic, but no orders? Is the site sanctioned? You definitely need help!

Before or during the creation of the website

Before you start moving the site in positions, you need to prepare it: set the task to the developer so that the site has the correct structure, meets the requirements of SEO and does not have technical problems.

If you buy or sell a site

In order not to "fly over" and assess the potential of the site, it is necessary to analyze it before purchasing. And before selling, it would be nice to "comb" the site to increase the price.

If you need to control the performer

What is the "seoman" or developer doing there? This can be checked by examining its reports and results.

When the audit is ineffective?

reasons to refuse site audit

You have a regional portal that is dedicated to certain services and occupies a leading position in its niche

Monetization-selling banner places and premium placement in the catalog. There is a lot of content, the niche is expensive, with a huge average check. Even if the site attracts a little more visitors, will it be able to sell banners significantly more expensive? Not the fact.

You have a 1-3 page site that sells a common product

SEO for such a site is not very promising. If the product is popular, it is sold by a lot of people, and a few pages are unlikely to be able to successfully compete with large stores.

Only properly configured ads will help.

To do this, I can offer an audit of the advertising campaign and the behavioral/usability of the landing page.

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