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Answers to frequently asked questions.

I accept PayPal.

For services below $200 — 100% prepayment. Everything else is 60% to 40%.

I have a negative experience of working «for nothing» and I do not intend to repeat it any more.

Please understand that I value my work and time.

I suggest that we build our cooperation on trust.

My reputation is dear to me.

Yes, for an additional fee +30%.

Need a service already «yesterday»?

I can postpone all current projects and allocate extra time for You right now!

The speed surcharge is 30%.

I bet! — Joke 🙂

I can guarantee professional competence, quality and timely performance of work, as well as complete and detailed reporting.

If you need other guarantees, let me know and I’ll figure something out.

Ask them to me and I will answer you!

I will provide the most detailed information and share my experience to answer Your questions.

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