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«Counselor, handyman, and emergency services! Such roles were implemented by Sergey for more than 5 years for 5 of our sites. Valuable tips and work on site optimization, SEO, support and audit. And most importantly, there are practically no unsolvable tasks for it! In some situations, we had no idea how we could have managed without his help! Thank You Sergey! 100% recommend him as a specialist and a passionate master of his craft», —
Иван Т.
founder of the Harmonious Spaces Agency «TIKA» and owner of websites povastu.ru and tika.group
«Before meeting Sergey, the site did not bring clients at all. The audit revealed a number of problems. After their elimination, the result came in the form of a stable number of customers each month. And this despite the fact that the niche is very narrow! I would like to Express my gratitude for the work done and regular consultations. We have been working closely for more than 6 years», —
Алла М
Entrepreneur, site owner promtm.ru
«We worked together on several projects. Layout and SEO "hung" on Sergey. Able to work in team projects, meets deadlines and is not afraid of stressful situations (stable). Works on the result. Thank you for your fruitful cooperation!», —
Сергей С
Team lead, adxad.com
«I ordered a technical audit of an online store. The results showed that the site needs a mobile version of the site. Sergey put the technical part of the site in order and made an adaptive version. As a result, traffic and the number of orders increased! Thank you very much!», —
Александр Ю
Marketing an online store dide.by
«Заказывал интернет-магазин, сайт адвокатского кабинета, после — техподдержку на постоянной основе, затем несколько побочных сайтов юридической тематики. Сергей работает с высокими показателями эффективности и качества! Для консультации доступен и днём и ночью. Сотрудничаем более 10 лет. Рекомендую.», —
Максим К
Адвокат, адвокатский кабинет №1325 — ak1325.ru
«Hi! I ordered a light, airy and beautiful website for my business. Despite the territorial distance from each other, we managed to reach a full understanding and make an online store within the stipulated time. Thank you Sergio for your work! With best wishes! Angela M.», —
Анхела М
European entrepreneur, owner of an online store resolanos.com
«Sergey Gennadievich, on behalf of ZDK LLC, thank you for the professional consultations that have been conducted for us for several dozen hours during our fruitful cooperation. Impressions are extremely positive! Thank you very much for your patience and the experience you share with others. Soon we will turn again!», —
Дмитрий С
Leading legal adviser, ZDK «LLC»
«Worked with Sergey in April 2018. We needed an adaptive version of the site palker.ru and to restore technical order. Quickly, efficiently and skillfully — these words come to mind about the performer. Always in touch, all questions were always answered instantly. No complaints. After the site optimization work, sales doubled! I recommend it to anyone who wants to get quality. Thank you, everything was cool!», —
Леонид М
Bass guitarist of «THE NOMAD», owner of an online store palker.ru
«I'm a programmer. I have known Sergey for about 16 years. I make sites about the same amount. We have repeatedly worked on joint projects. I always consult here for SEO issues», —
Алексей Г
Programmer, portal owner olympic-champions.ru and football-champions.ru
«Sergey made me a one-page site and launched contextual advertising on it via Yandex. Direct. So, without budget leaks and unnecessary headaches, I got clients. Thanks!», —
Григорий Г
The lawyer, the owner of the website advokat-glazunov.ru

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